About Ingelise

Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Ingelise and I’m a journalist and (copy)writer from the Netherlands. In 2011 I started my own business and it’s fantastic. The main reason I started, is because I love telling stories. Stories that usually stay hidden. Stories about people who can’t tell their own story. My stories are human interest focused and written as journalistic articles, interviews or blogs.


I also help entrepreneurs and small business owners to find their story. Why do they do what they do? I translate these stories into copy for their websites (off course SEO-proof if needed), blogs and every once in a while into a sales presenter or sales story. As long as the story is genuine.


The stories I write are for other media as well as for my own blog. Most of my articles are in Dutch, but I try to translate my stories as well. You can read them on Medium. If you like to do what I do, don’t hesitate to check my shop on Etsy. I wrote a beginners guide for conducting an interview. I have the most wonderful job in the world and I would like everyone to experience that.


Well, I would like to get in touch with you. I’d like to hear your story. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Send me an email or a DM on Instagram. Now you know who I am, it’s time for me to know who you are.