About Ingelise

Stories make me happy. I love drowning in books, series, movies, documentaries, interviews or longreads. And I love telling stories. That’s why I started my own business in 2011. It gives me the space I need to tell the stories I find most important. Every story needs a different form. I write journalistic articles, interviews, blogs, write for websites or build a document for internal use. 


Because that’s also a form of storytelling: telling a company or entrepreneur’s story. I help quirky and creative entrepreneurs or companies find their story. Sometimes you can no longer see the wood for the trees because of your ambitions, dreams and infinite wishes for the future. That’s where I come in. By asking you the right questions we’ll find the most important elements in your business. This will be the base of your story. The story you can share with your future customers, clients or fans. And a story you can share with yourself, it’s quite important to have a clear vision of what you’re actually doing. So that you can focus on doing what you love.


Most of my stories are written in Dutch. Every once in a while, I write in English. This could be useful when you want to address a broader audience and focus on a more international market. 


If I have any hobbies? The last couple of years, I planned more and more time for hobbies. I believe doing different things and learning new skills, helps you to develop yourself. One of my biggest love besides writing is music. I do not only love to discover music through festivals, concerts, in my favorite record store and online, I also make music. Stem Shop is currently teaching me how to sing and when I’m jamming with my friends, I usually pick up the bass.


Photography and video are two other hobbies of mine. I share my photos on Instagram, on my personal account as well as the account of my passion project @Krommestraat033. And off course I love to read, that’s where my love of telling stories came from. Curious what I’m reading right now? You can check out my goodreads profile. Every once in a while, I write for myself and publish on my own outlets. You can read stories on my blog or on Medium.


So, I told you my story. Time for you to tell me yours. I would love to get in touch and hear your story. You can send me an email, WhatsApp-message or give me a call. Let’s plan a (digital) coffee date. You know who I am now, let me get to know you.